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Carrie Hoover


Carrie remains in the DC area and still loves all things dark and spooky.  She returns to the clubs or goes to see bands to dance her heart out as often she can.


She has expanded her love of alternative dress into historical costuming and vintage dress.  In recent years, she has been attending and working at Renaissance faires.  She also loves to travel, go to car shows, craft breweries and rockabilly nights.


In the last 20 years, Carrie gained a lot. An MA in history. A job as an analyst/archivist. A home that's as colorful, spooky and eclectic as her and her partner.  A pair of lovable, rascally cats.  An amazing community of loved ones and friends, most of whom she met at goth clubs and helped with the mag in one way or another.


And while her very full life doesn't have room to produce a magazine these days; she often misses the "stapling parties" or release nights and the people who made them happen.

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