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Damion Boulden


Damion's free time has taken a bit of a step back, as he is now married to the love of his life and a father to two astounding, brilliant, hilarious and artistic little girls who do more than keep his hands full.  When an opportunity arises, he does illustrations - the latest fad is using Copic markers. To add some three dimensionality to his creative outlets, Damion does lathing and woodworking in his small shop along with building overly large and complex lego sets. He is also deeply committed to downloading as many games from Steam as possible that he will never get around to playing. 

When traveling for work, Damion  will track down the local scene and hit the clubs. You will recognize him by his complete lack of grace while dancing, but appreciate the vigor with which he does it. 

Damion and his family still continue to live in the DC metro area. He still has the goal of doing a graphic novel before leaving this mortal coil, but... see time note above.

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