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Joshua Hoover


Joshua went through a few changes since the 'Morgue closed shop.  He put the keyboard away (with much rejoicing from the tireless TCM editors Kris and Carrie) and swapped it out for cameras - still and video. He has made a pretty fun career out of them which regularly takes him all over the country.


Visually, there have been a couple alterations as well.  The ponytail was chopped and apparently glued to his face (witness protection? Oh wait, oops ignore that.)  And while he still is connected to the scene, at least via his ear holes, he has traded the fishnet for lycra.  Aside from some concerts, he is now more commonly found on a bicycle than in a dimly lit bar while sipping on a tasty adult beverage watching dancers melt into the blasting music.


Instead of helping plan out the next few issues of a magazine, he now plots what the next bicycling adventure will look like, slowly planning the details for a solo gallery show, or shooting bad guys in video games.  

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